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Historic Districts in San Diego County

What is a Historic District?

Historic Districts Under Development

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Established Historic Districts throughout the County

City of San Diego Designation

Citywide Districts Map
Historical Resources Board Information Line: (619) 235-5224

County of San Diego Designation
Camp Lockett
Old Escondido Historic District

State of California Designation
Edgemoor Farm and Home for the Aged and Indigent Historic District
Old Town San Diego State Historic Park

National Designation
Balboa Park ~ full map (large image)
Cabrillo National Monument
Camp Howard
El Prado Complex
Fages-De Anza Trail-Southern Emigrant Road
Gregory Mountain (Chokia)
Harris, CW Site Archeological District
Heilman Villas
Lower Borrego Valley Archeological District
Los Peñasquitos Historic and Archeological District
Marine Corps Recruit Depot
Naval Air Station, San Diego
Naval Training Station ~ full map (large image)
Old Town San Diego ~ full map (large image)
Rancho de los Kiotes
Rockwell Field
Rosicrucian Fellowship Temple
San Diego Civic Center
San Diego State College
Table Mountain District

[Maps courtesy of City of San Diego Planning Department.]

National Parks Service Websites
National Register of Historic Places Technical Bulletins (Opens separate window)
Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties
(Opens separate window)

City of San Diego Historical Resources Board Information Line: (619) 235-5224

Historic Designation and Residential Property Values 10-page pdf

Estimating the Value of the Historical Designation Externality 8-page pdf

Mills Act Information

San Diego Modernism Historic Context Statement (154-page pdf, 7.8MB)

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