Historic photos of the Whaley House and Whaley family members
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Save Our Heritage Organisation is San Diego's only countywide organization dedicated to the preservation of architecturally and historically significant structures, sites, and cultural landscapes.

If you care about San Diego, join SOHO!

SOHO promotes awareness of preservation issues in our community, seeking positive solutions for both property owners and preservationists to save what remains of San Diego's endangered heritage.

If you want to leave a legacy, join SOHO!

Since 1969 SOHO has lead San Diego County as a powerful voice for historic preservation. We believe that the historic architecture and sites entrusted to this generation should be passed down to the next, so that they too will know the unique character of San Diego County.

If you want to save your neighborhood and retain your quality of life, join SOHO!

Becoming a member supports SOHO's constant and vigilant efforts to keep our neighborhoods and cities vital and healthy, and to safeguard our community's quality of life and sense of place.

If you want your voice to be heard at City Hall, join SOHO.

Your membership helps us greatly to bring awareness of preservation issues to the community, provide a unified voice to protect historic resources, and negotiate positive solutions for both property owners and the public good to save what remains of San Diego's endangered heritage.

If you believe that San Diego's historic and cultural heritage deserves to be preserved and that our landmarks should be protected from destruction, and that San Diego has a notable and prominent past worth saving for the future, join SOHO!

Membership in SOHO is key to preserving our region's historic homes, landscapes, and public buildings. Please join us today, for as little as $20 for a Student Membership, and $40 a year for a family membership.

You can make a difference. Please join today.


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