Historic photos of the Whaley House and Whaley family members
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Souvenirs & Keepsakes

Can't visit or came back from vacation wishing you had picked up more souvenirs from "America's Most Haunted." Post cards, coffee mugs, shot glasses, beer glasses, refrigerator magnets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and even Dolly, a stuffed toy version of the Whaley's famous ghost dog, are among the Whaley House and "Got Ghosts?" mementos to choose from. Whaley House souvenirs make great gifts, too!

History & Mystery of the Whaley House book cover

History & Mystery of the Whaley House
By Dean Glass

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Got Ghost t-shirt

Got Ghosts? T-shirt
S, M, L, XL - $16.95
XXL - $19.95

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Got Ghost hoodie sweatshirt

Got Ghosts? Hoodie Sweatshirt
M, L, XL - $32.00

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Whaley House shot glass

Whaley House Shot Glass

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America's Most Haunted coffee mug

America's Most Haunted - Coffee Mug

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Whaley House fan

Whaley House Fan

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Whaley House postcards

Whaley House Postcards
15 to choose from
$2 each
$25 for complete set

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